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$APE Coin Tokenomics:

Ape is where all this madness started from, and it's what it always comes back to. Ape, at its core, is a meme token, but it's also the core of the ecosystem. Everything we build will always benefit our loyal Ape holders. So far, this has been done in the form of exclusive airdrops, extra rewards, buybacks, and burns from all the revenue we create. The future holds a lot more. Perpetual utility is what we LIVE for!

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Circulating Supply 3,998,825 You APEs
Key Partners 1,000,000
Treasury 2,501,175 For airdrops, marketing, influencers over next 24 months
Founder 2,500,000
Total 10,000,000


All airdrops will be announced via social, and medium beforehand so keep an eye out.
APE is a BEP-20 token that celebrates the "ape" crypto meme. We are exploring various crypto trends by creating a fun, experimental ecosystem around our token. Disclaimer: Trading cryptocurrencies or any financial markets involves risk. We recommend practicing on trading demo accounts before depositing any funds.
The APECoin ecosystem include the following platforms built around $APE token: The MonkeyFirm a perpetual utility NFT platform, currently providing Token Backed NFTs which challenge the illiquid OTC Market and BUSTA, which includes our DEX, BUSTA comics, iGame BUSTA crash, with many more iGames to be released. BUSTA Universe
The MonkeyFirm.
APECoin was originally minted and launched on Uniswap WITHOUT a pre-sale in July 2020. We migrated to BSC in December 2020, to eliminate the absurd gas fees for our APEs. So far, $APE has been distributed through various airdrops, contests and bounties inside and outside the APECoin community.
$APE is available on BUSTA DEX.0xa9ea4b786ee5b7a733c035564bfd9341a4c9fc1e

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