APEcoin Powers Collaborative Ecosystems

We embrace the humor and viral nature of memes by developing an ecosystem of platforms that celebrate and explore crypto trends. GO APE!
Find us on Uniswap: 0x209c1808febf6c1ab7c65764bb61ad67d3923fcc




A marketplace for yield farmers, collectors and artists

APEcoin is the underlying token that can be staked at MemeFarm.io to receive the highest rewards of MemeFarm Governance Tokens ($MFRM). Other tokens like ETH can be used on MemeFarm.io for farming also. Meme Farm token utilizes yield farming, and when you stake your $APE or other select coins at MemeFarm, you get paid in MemeFarm Token. Staking your $APE will also permanently yield 2x rewards compared to other tokens.


Unique NFTs celebrating a popular Crypto Twitter meme

Welcome to MemeFarm’s first series of NFT collectibles: Crypto Girlfriends. These digital rarities are available to the top stakers on MemeFarm.io. There are 21 in total, and each one is unique. Only one copy of each will ever exist! Since they are ERC-721 tokens, they are transferable. Each week the Top 3 MemeFarm.io stakers get a collectible until the entire limited edition series is distributed. In addition, an additional 3 NFT special edition will be distributed as a bonus exclusively to those choosing to stake their APEcoin.


Community Decisions and Transparency

The “NFT DAO” (Non-Fungible Tokens Decentralized Autonomous Organization) offers artists, musicians, designers and other forms of expression the ability to commercialize unique tokens. Through scarcity, creators are inspired and compensated through the novel functionality of MemeFarm, and the underlying NFT DAO. The NFT DAO functions as a staking mechanism and rewards creators with a portion of all staking contributed back to those who participate. In addition new NFT’s are voted on by users staking MemeFarm tokens. NFT DAO uses a curation farming mechanism to create a more fluid market for MemeFarm.


Initial Supply

The initial supply of APECoin is 10 Million tokens.

Community Airdrop

3.1 Million APECoin has been airdropped to the community

Community Engagement

3.1M reserved for community engagement

Remaining Tokens

3.8 Million Tokens reserved for platform development

Stake APE

APE can be staked on memefarm.io for the native token of Meme Farm.

Unique NFTs

Community Members can receive unique NFTs created just for APE holders that are tradeable.


  • What is APEcoin token?

    APE is an ERC-20 token celebrating the "ape" crypto meme. We are exploring different crypto trends through building a fun, experimental ecosystem around our token.

  • What is the APEcoin ecosystem?

    The APEcoin ecosystem includes the following platforms built around $APE token: MemeFarm yield farming dapp, Crypto Girlfriends limited edition NFT series, and GO APE! browser game, all currently in development.

  • What is the distribution model for $APE?

    APEcoin was minted and launched on Uniswap WITHOUT a pre-sale in July 2020. So far, outside of trading on Uniswap, $APE has been distributed through various airdrops, contests and bounties inside and outside the APEcoin community. Additional distribution will be added through our GO APE! browser game, currently in development.

  • How do I get $APE?

    $APE is available on Uniswap. Our contract address is 0x209c1808febf6c1ab7c65764bb61ad67d3923fcc



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