APEcoin Powers Collaborative Ecosystems

We embrace the humor and viral nature of memes by developing an ecosystem of platforms that celebrate and explore crypto trends. GO APE!

APEcoin Projects


$APE coin Tokenomics:

$APE is the Developers coin. $APE benefits from everything in the ecosystem. This includes higher farming rewards, exclusive airdrops, community voting on new projects and much more. The various Dapps and DAO’s ApeCoin are developing will seek to buy and burn $APE to reduce supply over time.

Circulating Supply 3,864,000 You APEs
BSC Partners 1,000,000 Coins under vesting/lockup for BSC ecosystem integration
Treasury 2,636,000 For airdrops, marketing, influencers over next 24 months
Founder 2,500,000 For farming MFRM and adding liquidity on BSC
Total 10,000,000

$MFRM coin Tokenomics:

Farming on ETH will stop on the 2nd of March and restart on BSC shortly afterwards. A snapshot of the holdings willl take place on the 2nd, followed by a simple airdrop to complete the migration to BSC. Full tokenonmics will be published here after the snapshot is taken.

$BUST coin Tokenomics:

Airdrop to $APE holders on 15th of March. Full tokenomics coming soon.


All airdrops will be announced via social, and medium beforehand so keep an eye out.
APE is a BEP-20 token celebrating the "ape" crypto meme. We are exploring different crypto trends through building a fun, experimental ecosystem around our token.
The APEcoin ecosystem includes the following platforms built around $APE token: MemeFarm yield farming dapp, Crypto Girlfriends limited edition NFT series, and Bust'a'BNB game.
APEcoin was minted and launched on Uniswap WITHOUT a pre-sale in July 2020. So far, outside of trading on Uniswap, $APE has been distributed through various airdrops, contests and bounties inside and outside the APEcoin community. Additional distribution will be added through our Bust'a'BNB game, currently in development.
$APE is available on PandcakeSwap. Our contract address is 0xa9ea4b786ee5b7a733c035564bfd9341a4c9fc1e

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